UNDP releases a new report entitled The EnergyPlus Guidelines

UNDP releases a new report entitled The EnergyPlus Guidelines in conjunction with start of the Second SEforALL Forum and the UNDP-organised session on Energy for Productive Uses at the Forum. The EnergyPlus Guidelines, based on UNDP’s wide experience in the field of sustainable energy access, serves as a toolkit for planning, designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating energy access programmes that promote the productive uses of energy for livelihoods improvement. Expanding access to affordable, reliable, modern and sustainable energy needs to enhance agricultural productivity, spur business activities and create new job opportunities. It is also critical for the provision of essential services, such as in health, education, water, sanitation and safety. These in turn contribute to improving gender equality and strengthening resilience towards economically and environmentally induced shocks and disasters, including those exacerbated by climate change. The overarching goal of the EnergyPlus approach is the empowerment of the poor, both men and women, aimed to contribute to overall sustainable human development and poverty reduction.

To download the report visit: www.eurasia.undp.org/content/rbec/en/home/library/environment_energy/energyplus-guidelines.html