Practitioner Network

As part of the Sustainable Energy for All Initiative, the United Nations Foundation has formed a global Energy Access Practitioner Network. The Network focuses on both household and community- level electrification for productive purposes, incorporating specific market-based applications for health, agriculture, education, small business, communities and household solutions.

This group brings together practitioners from the private sector and civil society working on the delivery of energy services and solutions related to electrification in a range of developing country contexts to develop a more integrated approach to energy access planning and execution in support of the Sustainable Energy for All objective of achieving universal access to modern energy services by 2030.

Network members are working together to catalyze the scale-up of renewable and low-carbon technologies and spur the market toward universal energy access. The Network’s particular focus is on the removal of market barriers to the effective delivery of energy services by promoting the adoption of new technologies and innovative financial and business models, as well as the identification and dissemination of best practices and advocacy for universal energy access.

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Working Groups

Practitioner Network participants have formed informal working groups on key topic areas — mini-grids, Finance and Investment, Mapping, Standards, Energy and Agriculture, Supply Chains and Entrepreneurship, and Energy and Health.

The working groups are working to highlight existing and emerging issues hindering the achievement of universal energy access by 2030, and where possible to offer specific recommendations for both immediate action and longer-term solutions, including how each solution could potentially be implemented.  In addition, the working groups serve as a platform to network, catalyze ideas and share information in a more focused manner, to drive concerted action towards the 2030 goal of Sustainable Energy for All.

What Our Members Are Saying

Laura Stachel, We Care Solar: “The Energy Practitioner Network has helped We Care Solar with networking, speaking opportunities, increased visibility, and new fundraising opportunities. Ideas generated from the Energy and Health working group helped to spearhead a day-long workshop on Renewable Energy for Healthcare in the developing world. Through the UN Foundation network, our non-profit was connected to the “Power the World” campaign initiated by Linkin Park. Through this campaign, funds are being raised for Solar Suitcases for Ugandan health care facilities.”

Klara Lindner, Mobisol: “Mobisol is still in its start-up phase and the first implementation round keeps us busy on the ground. Fortunately, the Network offered us the opportunity to present our approach to the community and enabled us to share obstacles and lessons learnt with other practitioners around the globe without having to leave our project offices.”

Joe Fernandez, Trade Without Borders: “The Network has helped us to make global connections with like-minded organizations intent on increasing access to Clean Energy solutions for millions more in our world. Moreover, the Network has helped to increase our credibility among various players in the Clean Energy space, including Clean Energy product suppliers, distributors, funders and other such stakeholders. We are glad to have the opportunity, through the Practitioner Network, to join hands globally with fellow practitioners in attaining the United Nations’ mission of SUSTAINABLE ENERGY FOR ALL.”

Harish Hande/Sarah Alexander, SELCO: “The Practitioner Network has proven to be an effective vehicle to gather voices of practitioners like SELCO and consolidate our recommendations in a clear and concise manner to U.N High Level Decision makers leading towards the upcoming Rio +20 conference. Most importantly, the network offered SELCO an opportunity to participate more effectively in the Rio +20 dialogues through its remarkable efforts of keeping us engaged about upcoming events, ongoing discussions, key conferences and so on.”

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