Advisory Board Terms of Reference


The purpose of the Advisory Board is to:

  • Provide overall strategic direction to the Sustainable Energy for All initiative, the Executive Committee and the Chief Executive, including guidance on the initiative’s strategic objectives and work plan;
  • Raise awareness of the initiative world-wide, mobilize stakeholders and their commitments, and conduct advocacy and outreach at events and meetings on behalf of the initiative; and
  • Encourage collaboration between Sustainable Energy for All and other relevant initiatives.


  • The Advisory Board will have contributed to the following results:
    •   A significant number of stakeholders (public, government , private, and civil society actors) mobilized in support of the initiative;
    • Concrete actions, commitments, financing and investment catalyzed at country, regional and global levels; and
    • Effectiveness, sustainability and impacts of the initiative enhanced.


  • The Advisory Board will be Co-Chaired by the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the President of the World Bank.
  • There will be approximately 40 members of the Advisory Board.  The Advisory Board will strive to have geographical, gender and stakeholder balance of its membership.
  • The Advisory Board will strive for an appropriate mix of expertise to address the three objectives of the initiative (access, efficiency and renewables) in a balanced manner. Such expertise would include Heads of States/Ministerial-level leadership, global leaders in relevant energy businesses, individuals with unparalleled ability to mobilize key stakeholders globally, global leaders in energy finance and investment, world authority in policy, technology and other strategic issues, and heads of key government/international organizations.
  • Members of the Advisory Board will act in an honorary capacity.
  • Member Responsibilities

  • The Co-Chairs of the Advisory Board will be responsible for convening Advisory Board meetings, setting agendas, and summarizing deliberations of the meetings. The Chief Executive with support from the Global Facilitation Team will provide necessary operational and logistical support for organization of the Advisory Board meetings.
  • All members will carry out the functions described in the purpose section above. Advisory Board members will form subcommittees as appropriate.
  •   Advisory Board members are expected to attend all meetings (approx. twice a year) in person or virtually to ensure consistency. In the case of an exception, an alternate can be sent in place of an Advisory Board member, but only when first approved by the Co-Chairs.
  • When feedback and input is required in between meetings, members of the Advisory Board will be expected to provide input either via email or telephone.
  • Appointment and Term of Members

  • Members will be appointed by the Secretary-General of the United Nations.
  • Members will serve on the Advisory Board for a period of three years.
  • In the case of a vacancy, the Secretary General, in consultation with the President of the World Bank, will appoint an appropriate individual to the Advisory Board. The Secretary-General will fill vacancies keeping in mind the need for geographical representation and gender and stakeholder diversity.