Clean Energy for low income Households in Sub Saharan Africa.

Toyola Energy (Ghana) commits to sell at least 3 million energy-efficient cookstoves and 30,000 solar lanterns and small home systems to poor households in sub-Saharan Africa by 2020.

Commitment Targets

  • By 2020, 3 Million Energy efficient cookstoves sold
  • By 2020, 30,000 Solar lanterns and small Home systems sold


Additional Partners

  • E+Co, a US based Organization that invests in clean Energy businesses in the developing World.

Open to additional partners.

Sustainability for All Goals Addressed


  • Benin
  • Burkina Faso
  • Ghana
  • Nigeria
  • Sierra Leone
  • Togo


  • Mobile marketing to serve customers in their communities. Micro finance, micro franchising , training and financing local people to use our tested mobile marketing model to provide our energy products and services in their localities. Carbon finance, micro finance and small business finance help us make the products affordable and accesible as well as raise money to finance the value chain.

Additional Details

  • Commitment was developed out of our successful experience in selling energy almost 250,000 efficient cookstoves and solar energy products to low income households in four in West Africa countries where over one million people directly benefits from their use. Our customers who continue to need and use our products and services were the ones consulted and have indicated a readiness to continue patronizing Toyola. Toyola will need partners in the areas of Finance and product supplies especially Solar.