Energy Efficiency

We successfully our 2010 goal of holding total energy flat with 1990 levels and further reduced by 6% below flat while growing the company by 40%.

Commitment Targets

  • By 2020, To continue to encourage renewable energy options, we have made a new energy goal to reduce non-renewable energy use by 10% per adjusted dollar revenue by 2020 compared to a baseline of 2010. We have set a milestone of 3% reduction by 2015.
  • By 2015, Increase annual revenue by at least $2 billion from products that create energy efficiency and/or significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We estimate these products will contribute at least 40 million tons of additional CO2 equivalent reductions by our customers and consumers.


Open to additional partners.

Sustainability for All Goals Addressed


  • Resources will come from DuPont working with suppliers who can provide new solutions to us