What You Can Do

The United Nations Decade of Sustainable Energy for All


What You Can Do

Whether you represent a government, the private sector, civil society, academia, a school, an organization, a local government or simply yourself and your good idea, please join the Sustainable

Energy for All (SEforALL) effort.


The Decade offers a unique opportunity to

  • take action and seek ne w projects and partnerships The number of possibilities in the field of sustainable energy is limitless. The Decade can be your incentive to explore these possibilities

    and come together with new partners and create new opportunities for yourself and others. Have you really explored all sustainable energy opportunities?

  • show-case success-stories, best practices, lessons learned, commitments and achievements There is no lack of current initiatives, projects and transformations that have the potential to inspire others to follow suit. One example is the Energy Access Practitioner Network. Why don’t you share your success-story?
  • help shape the Decade to be as effective as possible By adding your perspective, you can bring in some good ideas that should be explored during the Decade. Sustainable energy has connections to themes as important as gender equality, health, water and food, as well as many other development enablers. What should the Decade focus on?
  • spread the word on the importance of Sustainable Energy for All and the Decade You may be responsible for a big upcoming event or network where highlighting of the Decade would fit in nicely. Let your affiliations know about the importance of sustainable energy for all, the challenges that exist and not least the opportunities it entails. Do you know someone interested?