Global Plan of Action

The United Nations Decade of Sustainable Energy for All


Global Plan of Action

In their inputs to the previous report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Decade of Sustainable Energy for All (A/68/309), United Nations Member States offered guidance as to the direction of the Decade. Among the opinions expressed was support for a strong implementation programme during the Decade. Member States also expressed that the Global Action Agenda could serve as a useful framework for the activities of the Decade. 


Originally established in response to and in support of the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All, the Sustainable Energy for All initiative will also support the United Nations Decade of Sustainable Energy for All, with the strategic objectives of the Global Action Agenda. With its concrete objectives, comprehensive toolbox of resources and thousands of implementing partners from all regions and sectors of societies, the initiative could contribute substantially to the implementation of the Decade. That implementation program should, among other things: 


(a) Catalyse actions at all levels to transform the world’s energy systems towards an equitable and sustainable future: all stakeholders should lead the way by example, by setting their own goals and targets on energy and the nexus with other development factors; establishing proactive policies, regulatory frameworks and incentives to spur innovation and investment; facilitating the building of market structures to deliver sustainable energy solutions and services over time; dramatically increasing bottom-up solutions; expanding capacity-building; promoting partnerships; enhancing research and development; and disseminating information on experiences and lessons learned;


(b) Create an enabling environment for a significant increase in investment in the world’s energy systems: the International Energy Agency estimates that nearly $1 trillion in cumulative investment is needed to achieve universal energy access by 2030.7 In addition, massive investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency are necessary in order to reach the global energy goals of the Sustainable Energy for All initiative;


(c) Catalyse overall investment in the world’s energy systems: public-private partnerships will be essential to mobilizing the massive investment needed for the global transformation of energy systems. It will be essential to use public investment in order to leverage the private investment that is required to achieve this transformation;


(d) Increase support for research and development: Governments and the private sector will need to support such efforts to drive technological innovation and reduce the cost of clean energy technologies, to make them increasingly attractive economically all over the world; 


(e) Continue to expand global consultations with all stakeholders both in developing and developed countries: civil society, businesses, young people and Governments should continue a dialogue in order to ensure that the perspectives of all stakeholders are appropriately captured and fed into the Decade programme, the post-2015 development agenda and other relevant processes;


(f) Create more incentives for a change in behaviour to manage and allocate resources in a more sustainable manner: activities relating to the Decade should promote sustainable energy production and consumption so that energy resources are used in a more equitable manner;


(g) Expand data and statistical programmes in developing countries: more work is needed on energy integrated targets, indicators and definitions and on identifying data needs to capture the many dimensions and interlinkages and to ensure national relevance and measurability. The Sustainable Energy for All Global Tracking Framework can provide support in that respect;


(h) Expand and increase partnerships and commitments: actions and programmes relating to the Decade should seek to expand current partnerships and coalitions and secure new partnerships and commitments for interim goals by 2024 and beyond;


(i) Enhance dissemination of knowledge, commitments and solutions: the Decade should provide a platform for Governments and non-governmental actors to disseminate knowledge and showcase and announce contributions and solutions that accelerate the ultimate goal of sustainable energy for all.