Asia-Pacific Hub

The Asia Pacific SEforALL Hub is led by ADB, UNDP and ESCAP, with the Hub Secretariat hosted at ADB Headquarters in Manila, Philippines. The three organizations will help catalyze major new investment opportunities to speed-up the transformation of the world’s energy systems, pursue the elimination of energy poverty, and boost prosperity. The Hub will leverage on the existing structures of ADB, UNDP and ESCAP energy programs and integrate the strengths of all three development partners. It looks to grow its partnerships and consolidate efforts to promote Sustainable Energy for All in Asia and the Pacific region.


The Asia-Pacific Region

  • Out of the 4.2 billion people living in the Asia- Pacific region, 615 million have no access to electricity while 1.8 billion have no access to clean cooking.
  • By 2035, developing Asia’s share in primary global energy consumption is expected to increase to as much as 56%.
  • The region is extremely dependent on imported petroleum to meet its energy needs, particularly the Pacific Islands, which accounts for the highest of any region in the world.
  • Asia-Pacific, under threat from climate change, and faced with growing dependence on energy imports, is turning to renewables to meet the energy demand.


The SEforALL Asia Pacific Hub aims to accelerate and facilitate the achievement of SEforALL’s goals to transform energy systems for a sustainable, prosperous future by harnessing its three development partners’ convening power, country presence and networks to mobilize partnerships to catalyze concrete actions at the country level.

The Asia Pacific Hub will facilitate and coordinate core activities in the region, with respect to the SEforALL goals, in close cooperation with the SEforALL’s Global Facilitation Team. A better policy environment will accelerate the further development of sustainable energy, which is why the AP-SEforALL Hub established a Sustainable Energy Center for Excellence, hosted by the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore. The Singapore-based facility will become a venue for the region’s policy makers to receive training on policy, technology, and project financing matters in the sustainable energy sector.

Forging partnerships with diverse groups of institutions is crucial in addressing energy challenges facing the region. Partnerships mobilize resources (financial, human, and others), leverage knowledge, meet unique needs for highly specialized development projects, and make aid more effective throughout Asia and the Pacific. The Asia Pacific Hub is always seeking new partners to support inclusive, environmentally sustainable growth and development in the region.


Hub Contacts

To take part in the Sustainable Energy for All Initiative in the Asia-Pacific Region, contact:

Priyantha Wijayatunga

Principal Energy Specialist

Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department

Asian Development Bank

Hongpeng Liu

Chief, Energy Security and Water Resources Section

Environment and Development Division

United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

Gordon Johnson

Regional Team Leader, Resilience and Sustainability

Bangkok Regional Hub

United Nations Development Programme


Since the launch of the AP Hub, the priority has been on the establishment

of the Secretariat at ADB Headquarters in Manila. The Secretariat is now leading key

activities, especially planning and establishing monitoring frameworks, in partnership with the sixteen

developing Asian countries who have expressed interest in advancing SEforALL’s goals.

Key Activities of The Asia-Pacific Hub for the SEforALL Initiative:

  1. Support the preparation of rapid assessments, country action plans and investment prospectuses.
  2. Facilitate policy dialogues among stakeholders.
  3. Catalyze investments in energy access, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.
  4. Develop market-based approaches for the delivery and consumption of energy.
  5. Build synergies and promote knowledge sharing among its stakeholders.
  6. Conduct regular monitoring and evaluation of activities and initiatives of its stakeholders.


United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP)

UN ESCAP is the regional development arm of the United Nations for the Asia-Pacific region fostering sub-regional and regional cooperation in the areas of access to energy-services, energy efficiency and renewable energy. UN ESCAP provides a platform for intergovernmental dialogue and cooperation, providing capacity development, implementing technical cooperation projects, and conducting research and analysis to promote policy development and participating in various global, regional and sub-regional initiatives on energy. One of its key areas of action is developing an intergovernmental dialogue on common infrastructure and harmonized energy policies, so called “Asian Energy Highway” with a view to increasing regional economic integration. UN ESCAP can contribute to the regional Asia Pacific Hub by bringing in an intergovernmental regional framework on energy which as been recently strengthened by the Asia and the Pacific Energy Forum (APEF). This framework can facilitate region-wide promotion of sustainable energy policies, projects, and good practices developed at the sub-regional and country level. Also, it will support the recognition of SEforALL related national actions by the governments in the region.

The Asia Pacific Energy Portal offers access to a comprehensive set of 200+ indicators and 1300+ policy documents related to energy and development from across the Asia-Pacific region. Unique features include flexible and shareable data visualizations, multi-indicator comparisons, policy cross-sections, and searchable full-text policies. The scope of the portal includes Access, Efficiency, and Renewable Energy, as well as Environment , Pricing, Connectivity, Trade, Investment, Technology and Governance. The portal is designed to support research, analysis and informed decision-making, and, based on user needs, new features will continue to be introduced under an ongoing development process.



United Nations Development Project (UNDP)

UNDP supports developing countries with comprehensive programs focusing on removing barriers to promote energy access, renewable energy, and energy efficiency as part of its broader efforts to reduce poverty and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions to reduce the impacts from climate change. In the last two decades, UNDP mobilized US$600 million to help finance energy projects in the region. UNDP will particularly focus on SEforALL’s “country actions”. It will build on its experience of implementing sustainable energy solutions, its substantive/technical strengths around energy and climate change, its engagements with national and local governments and civil society on governance, policies and public participation. Within the SEforALL partnership, UNDP will prioritize in conceptualizing and supporting decentralized energy solutions.



ADB is hosting the Hub Secretariat at Asian Development Bank Headquarters in Manila, Philippines.

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Summary Report

Tracking Progress in Asia and The Pacific: A Summary Report - 2015


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