Sustainable Energy for All is about driving actions and mobilizing commitments to positively transform the world's energy systems. The Secretary-General's High-Level Group on Sustainable Energy for All has created a Global Action Agenda to guide efforts undertaken in support of achieving the initiative's three objectives. It contains 11 Action Areas and provides a framework for identifying the high impact opportunities that will catalyze change and prompt innovation. Using this framework, countries and stakeholders can create their own pathways towards Sustainable Energy for All.

The Action Areas are grouped into two categories – sectoral and enabling. The seven sectoral Action Areas address both power generation and the principle sectors of energy consumption. They include: Modern Cooking Appliances & Fuels; Distributed Electricity Solutions; Grid Infrastructure & Supply Efficiency; Large Scale Renewable Power; Industrial & Agricultural Processes; Transportation; and Buildings & Appliances. The four enabling Action Areas characterize cross-cutting mechanisms designed to support effective sectoral action and address existing obstacles. They include: Energy Planning & Policies; Business Model & Technology Innovation; Finance & Risk Management; Capacity Building & Knowledge Sharing.

Cooling for All

The new Cooling for All initiative will focus on how we embed growing cooling demands that can reach everyone within a clean energy transition, and in turn, support faster progress to achieve the goals of the Montreal Protocol’s Kigali Amendment* agreed in 2016 in Rwanda.


Country Actions

To realize a future with Sustainable Energy for All, national Governments must design and implement integrated country actions that strategically transform their energy systems. To spur investment, action is needed to create national policy and financial environments that enable changes which the market alone will not deliver. This applies to both developing and developed countries, although the challenges to be overcome in each case may be substantially different.

High Impact Opportunities

Sustainable Energy for All is focusing currently on creating action and generating commitments within an initial number of High-Impact Opportunities. These High-Impact Opportunities, which fall within the 11 Action Areas of the Action Agenda, are defined based on their significance and ability to make an immediate impact towards reaching Sustainable Energy for All's three objectives. By building strong partnerships, encouraging common action, and forging lasting commitments, High-Impact Opportunities will drive positive outcomes in extending and enhancing access to, and implementation of, sustainable energy.