Tracking Progress

Sustainable Energy for All seeks to improve the lives of billions of people across the world and to ensure a more sustainable future by working to achieve its three objectives: universal access to energy; greater energy efficiency; and increased use of renewables.

Accountability and transparency are essential for tracking Sustainable Energy for All’s global progress. Doing so will clarify where the initiative stands, how various actions are contributing to the three objectives, how much remains to be accomplished, and where more action is needed to achieve Sustainable Energy For All.

A major first step is the development of a global tracking framework that establishes baseline energy data and provides regular bi-annual updates on trends in energy access, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The first Global Tracking Framework: Business as usual will not suffice

The first Global Tracking Report was released in 2013. Compiled by experts from 15 organizations and led by the World Bank and the International Energy Agency, the report provides a comprehensive snapshot of the energy status of countries with respect to access, efficiency and renewable energy, as well as energy consumption.

Where does the world stand on energy access?

1.2. billion people – almost the population of India – do not have access to electricity, 2.8 billion have to rely on wood or other biomass to cook and heat their homes. A massive effort is needed to expand access to electricity and safe cooking fuels, especially in the 20 countries identified as high-impact, offering the most potential to make rapid progress towards Sustainable Energy for All.

What is the progress in increasing renewables and improving energy efficiency?

The study calculates that renewable energy accounted for 18 percent of the global energy mix in 2010, and that the improvement rate of energy efficiency, described by a compound annual growth rate of energy intensity (CAGR), was -1.3 percent between 1990 and 2010.

“What you measure determines what you get. That is why it is critical to get measurement right and to collect the right data, which is what this report has done. It has charted a map for our achievement of sustainable energy for all and a way to track progress. Let the journey begin!”

Kandeh Yumkella,Secretary General’s Special Representative for Sustainable Energy for All and CEO of the initiative

The report underscores the need for a comprehensive package of policy measures, including fiscal, financial and economic incentives, phasing out fossil fuel subsidies, and the pricing of carbon. It also noted that energy investments must increase by at least $600 billion a year until 2030, more than doubling the current estimated $409 billion.

The 2013 Global Tracking Framework Report is the first in a series that will monitor progress towards the three objectives of the Sustainable Energy for All initiative.

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